New project announcement!

I’ve been (sort of) joking on Facebook about how busy I am despite no longer having a full time job. What I haven’t be able to discuss (until now!) is one of the projects I’ve been getting underway. But today the site went live, so here we go!

This fall, W. W. Norton will launch a new interactive blog site called THE AVID LISTENER. The website URL is easy: (If you like to read compelling, interesting posts about music, you should probably bookmark this site now.) I know, I know: there are SO many blogs about music. So what makes this site special? Well, here’s a bit of prose that was in the proposal sent to (and approved by) the W. W. Norton board:

“The Avid Listener, a new kind of music website, is intended as a middle ground between the thoughtful yet rarefied scholarship of academic journals and the “lifestyle reporting” (to borrow Ted Gioia’s critique) of mainstream music magazines. It will create a forum for discussions of popular and art music, new trends, and current events; a venue that, rather than avoid musical terminology, will explain that terminology in succinct, accessible ways and use it in service of a larger argument. It will encourage students to listen broadly and deeply, to approach music with a curious spirit and a sense of adventure.”

I will be co-editing the site with this really cool guy fabulous scholar I know named Andrew Dell’Antonio (for those who don’t know me well: Andrew is my husband). Andrew and I will write many of the entries ourselves, but we will also be editing the works of other fabulous scholars. Avid readers (see what I did there?) can expect thoughtful, accessible discussions of a wide variety of music and ideas. And there’s so much more in the works.

I’m excited! Stay tuned!

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