Adjunct Instructor Advocacy in the Academic Marketplace and Beyond

Next week I will be traveling to Milwaukee for the joint meeting of the American Musicological Society (AMS) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT). I’m part of an AMS committee called the Committee for Career Related Issues, and this year I will chair a panel (Friday, 12:15) called Adjunct Instructor Advocacy in the Academic Marketplace and Beyond. Issues that concern adjunct instructors have been all over the news; we could probably have an entire conference devoted to Adjunct instructor issues. In this panel discussion, we will explore ways in which adjunct instructors can advocate for themselves and others. The panelists (Samantha Bassler, Paula Bishop, Terry Dean, Adriana Ponce, and Christopher Williams), who all have extensive experience as adjunct instructors, will offer their reflections about the following issues: using adjunct positions to advocate for disability rights; creating a distinct space for oneself as an adjunct musicologist in an academic workspace by promoting all of one’s musical and administrative skills; making conscious choices that alleviate exploitation and improve job satisfaction; embracing adjunct work as a path to tenure-track employment; and choosing adjunct work to complement another career path, such as that of Independent Scholar. We will have time for what I’m sure will be a stimulating discussion at the end. Please join us!


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