Public Musicology conference at Rider University

Now that I am back and (mostly) rested from the joint meeting of the American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory in Milwaukee, it’s time to start thinking about the *next* conference. In late January I will head to New Jersey to take part in a conference about Public Musicology at Rider University. What is Public Musicology, you ask? Exactly. Unlike many academic disciplines, Musicology has no obvious non-academic career path. Musicologists are actively engaged in discussions about share our work with a wider public. There are some great examples out there (hint: have a look at the excellent work Mark Clague is doing with the Star Spangled Banner; as it turns out, the Executive Director of the Star Spangled Music Foundation, Susan Key, will be the keynote speaker for the Rider Conference) but we still have much to figure out. This conference promises to be an excellent part of our on-going discussion.

Here’s a blurb from the conference website: “’The Past, Present and Future of Public Musicology’ conference is designed to further research on how music scholars, performers, educators, journalists and industry professionals can engage the public. Speakers include prominent musicologists, ethnomusicologists, museum professionals who work inside and outside academia. Their presentations, lecture-recitals and workshops examine innovative concert programming, collaborations with civic organizations, music in museums, career paths for musicologists outside academia, musical tourism, innovative strategies in music education, and the use of music for social services and disaster recovery.”

Registration for the conference is now open. I will be giving two presentations. Here’s the full schedule.

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