This week: Pop Music Symposium at Claflin University

Tomorrow I will travel to Claflin University (Orangeburg, S.C.) to give a keynote address at a Popular Music Symposium hosted by the Claflin Department of Music. I am particularly excited about this symposium because all of the presentations will be given by undergraduate students. I am so delighted to be able to hear and support their work! My keynote address is titled “Sampling, Canons, and Digital Genealogies: Or, How a Familiar Spiritual ended up a Long Way From Home.” Yes, it pulls from my forthcoming book. But I hope it will also be a way to introduce discussion about how to do research in Popular Music studies.

While I’m on campus, I will also be meeting with some members of the music faculty to talk about curricula and canons. Problematizing standard historical narratives has long been part of my teaching philosophy. I’m happy to be able to continue the conversation outside of my previous academic home.

#CUpop2015 #HBCU #PublicMusicology

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