This week on THE AVID LISTENER: “Becoming an American B(r)and”

This week, we at The Avid Listener are delighted to bring you a feature essay by Joanna Love about branding, advertising, and popular music. What do Michael Jackson, Moby, and The Beatles have in common? They have all part of the advertising and co-branding engine that fuels television commercials.

Here’s an excerpt from the essay: “In the twenty-first century, licensing deals have become crucial for unknown artists and underground genres. This change reflects the music industry’s struggles with the negative impact technology has had on record sales and the consolidation of nationwide playlists at Top 40 radio stations, which allows few airtime possibilities for untested, new, and upcoming artists. The shift toward the advertising industry as an essential patron for new music indicates not only a change in the cultural distribution of music but also a potential shift away from the negative reactions once made by baby boomers about “selling-out” to a wider acceptance of corporate influence on artistic production.”

Read the full essay here. Leave a comment and join the conversation!


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