Call for Proposals: Indiana University Press seeks Monographs about Popular Music

For the past couple of years, I have been co-editor (with Jeff Magee) of a book series published by Indiana University Press called Profiles in Popular Music. This series features single-authored book-length studies on popular musics, centered on the U.S., but open to music and musicians from outside with a significant audience in the U.S. Topics may focus on individual artists or genres, including rock, blues, jazz, rap, gospel, ragtime, country, zydeco, Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, Latin music and other world music. Books in the series may demonstrate a variety of approaches to the subject matter. Our list includes historical and ethnographic studies; recent popular music and popular music from earlier in the 20th century; analyses, historical narratives, and interviews. Some of the books focus on particular artists or bands, such as Leigh Edwards’ book about Johnny Cash; Marianne Tatom Letts’ study of Radiohead; and Tim Smolko’s recent book about Jethro Tull, which won 2014 ARSC award for Best Historical Research in Recorded Rock Music. Other books in our series consider broader issues of genre, style, or place, such as Mark Butler’s Unlocking the Groove, a study of rhythm and meter in electronic dance music; Jessica Sternfeld Shockley’s book about megamusicals; and out most recent listing, Tamar Barzel’s New York Noise, a study of radical Jewish music and the downtown New York scene. My first book, Five Percenter Rap, is also part of this series.

We are actively seeking new authors for our series and want to hear from YOU. We are particularly interested in giving first-time authors a quality editorial experience with a respected scholarly press. Since we are a small series, our editorial process can potentially move a bit more quickly than large presses can manage.

Interested? Contact me or our acquisitions editor, Raina Polivka ( for more information.

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