Travis Stimeling on session players and the recording process

The Avid Listener is back with another mighty fine feature essay! This week, Travis Stimeling walks us through the recording process. You probably know that a recording needs a producer and a sound engineer, but do you know what producers and engineers do? And do you know about session musicians who are hired to back your favorite musician? You won’t want to miss this essay!

Here’s a teaser: “Much of the music we encounter in our daily lives comes to us through recordings, whether we stream it over our phones, pull it out of the ether on our car radio, or passively hear it over the public address system at the local supermarket. But despite recorded music’s pervasiveness in our everyday lives, we seldom stop to think about the team of people who create the recordings that have become so important to our musical lives. Since the advent of sound recording at the end of the nineteenth century, the creation of a recording has required several different groups of people, each with specialized skills…”

Read the full essay here.

Next week: “Top 40: More Hits, More Often,” by Ben Fong-Torres

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