Charles Carson on “Places, Spaces, and Soundscapes”

In case you missed it, the final essay of our first season at The Avid Listener came out on Monday. This week we bring you another new author: Charles Carson (he’ll be back this fall after our summer hiatus).

In this essay, Carson explores the soundscape of specific places, with special attention on Philadelphia. Here’s a teaser: “Places have a sound. They are comprised of sounds, they make sounds, sounds are associated with them, whether intentionally or not. Some examples are obvious. New York, well, sounds like the city. New Orleans is bursting with jazz, from street musicians, to clubs, to its now-ubiquitous second line brass bands. And, as anyone who has ever stood next to Niagara Falls can tell you, it certainly has its own sonic fingerprint. Even video game designers understand these connections: music is vital in setting the scene for EA Sports’ World Cup soccer game, which is set in Brazil...”

Read the full essay here. If you are feeling ambitious, try pairing this essay with Travis Stimeling’s essay “Hearing Place in Music.”

Thanks for joining us in our first season. Please spread the word about our site and pitch us stories. Teachers, hit us up for ways to incorporate TAL into the classroom. We’ll be back in August with more fabulous essays!

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