#MusicologyEverywhere, part 6: Kendra Preston Leonard

Welcome to our final week of the #AMS2015 Public Musicology pre-party! Next week we’ll do a summary as we count down to Louisville, but in the meantime, we want to introduce you to our last (but certainly not least!) panelist: my dear friend Kendra Preston Leonard. Kendra directs the Silent Film Archive, an incredible scholarly resource. She is an experienced editor and a prolific author (she is a poet, too!). And among her many other publications, she has been a frequent contributor to The Avid Listener. Also, Kendra is so famous, she has her own wikipedia article. 🙂  Take a look at her essay, and feel free to leave a comment or question!

Reminder: for those of you following this thread who teach graduate students, we invite you to tell your students about our session and to join us virtually during the session. We will have designated tweeters set up to field questions and share responses during the session. (Consider making this an assignment. We would love to have more questions than we can handle.) Our panel, called “Public Musicology: Career Paths Alongside and Outside of the Academy,” meets on Friday, Nov. 13, at 12:15 (EST).

Students (and everyone, really), please share these pages widely and to join the discussion now: you can either leave a comment on our presentation pages, or you can tweet to #MusicologyEverywhere. We’ll make sure to address FAQs during our session.

If you are just joining us, don’t miss out previous featured panelists: Part 1: Allison Portnow; Part 2: Amanda Sewell; Part 3: Felicia Miyakawa; Part 4: Karen Shadle; Part 5: Jason Hanley.

#PublicMusicology #MusicologyEverywhere #altac #AMS #Musicology

See you at #AMS2015!

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