New publication!

I found out purely by accident this morning that the fabulous Joe Schloss and I have co-authored a short book called Hip-hop and Hip-hop Dance. How did I not know this in advance, you might ask?

Joe and I both published long essays in the most recent edition of the AmeriGrove (The Grove Dictionary of American Music and Musicians). I wrote the lead Hip-hop essay, and Joe wrote the lead Hip-hop dance essay. Oxford University Press apparently decided to put our essays together for a Grove Music Essentials volume, and published it as a Kindle book last summer. We didn’t know this was happening. Imagine our surprise!

This “book” is only 35 pages long, so if you are looking for a solid, short introduction to Hip-hop and Hip-hop Dance for yourself or for students, and you don’t have a subscription to Grove Music / Oxford Music Online, at $3.99 this is an inexpensive alternative.

Here’s hoping it will be useful! Let us know what you think!


One thought on “New publication!

  1. Wow! So weird that they didn’t tell you. But yea for the awesome short introduction for teaching purposes!!

    Sent by Samantha’s thumbs (please pardon any typos)

    Samantha Bassler, Musicologist -Chair, American Musicological Society Study Group on Music and Disability -Adjunct Professor of Music -Owner, Stellar Music Space


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