IASPM-US committee initiative: SUCCESS!

An(other) open letter to IASPM-US members:
Since our discussion in Calgary about organizing and populating 7 new standing committees, I have been collecting names of volunteers and carefully organizing committees. I had hoped to have this done by the end of June. But I’m delighted to report that I was overwhelmed by volunteers and have filled all of the committees! Our web editor will be soon posting the complete list of committees on our website. If you are on a committee, you should have already heard from me and confirmed. If you volunteered but have not already been placed on a committee, take hope: we will have lots of committee rotation needs in the next year or two, and I’ve passed your names and preferences on to our new Nominating Committee for future service.
Many, many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help steer IASPM-US. There’s still plenty to do. Over the winter we’ll be voting for a new president and vice-president, we’ll need some new Executive committee members, and we’ll have more committee slots to fill. If you would like to volunteer and haven’t already been in contact with me, send a message to the chair of the Nominating Committee, Eric Weisbard. His contact information can be found (soon) on our society committee page.
Felicia Miyakawa
Vice-President, IASPM-US

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