Integrating The Avid Listener into your classroom

Attention high-school and college / university teachers! If you use TAL in your classroom or would like to, we’ve got handouts just for you!

For post-secondary classrooms, we’ve updated our Integrating The Avid Listener in the Classroom Handout. This is essentially a list of suggestions with a description of who we are and what the site is about. For high-school teachers, we’ve updated our handout that links TAL to Common Core ELA standards. We realize that Common Core isn’t used in every state and that in the coming year or two as ESSA goes into effect, Common Core may lose its place in state requirements. But the standards themselves–such as citing sources, identifying main ideas, determining point of view, integrating a range of sources, etc.–will continue to be relevant. We’re aiming particularly at Language Arts teachers here, but these standards could also be addressed across the curriculum in Music and Social Studies classes. If you teach high school and are looking for fresh curriculum materials, take a look!

Remember: we’re always on the hunt for new authors. Got a great idea? Contact me. 🙂

The Avid Listener: Listen. Write. Discuss. Repeat.

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