IASPM-US officer and board nominations now being accepted!


In the spirit of election season, the US Branch of The International Association of the Study of popular Music is gearing up for officer and board elections. We need a new President and Vice-president (alas, my term as Vice-President of IASPM is coming to an end), and 3 new board members. IASPM members: here’s your chance to get involved!

Here’s the call:

The US branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular
Music is seeking applications for the following positions:

· President
· Vice President
· Open Seat, Executive Board
· Open Seat, Executive Board
· Open Seat, Executive Board

The committee is accepting self-nominations as well as recommendations of
fitting nominees that we should approach to apply. For descriptions of
specific duties for each position, please consult the IASPM-US by-laws (
http://iaspm-us.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/IASPM-US_Bylaws.pdf ) Please
note: People elected to positions in the organization are expected to
attend the IASPM-US conferences that lie within their terms, beginning with
the 2017 conference (February 23-26). Let us know if this presents a
financial hardship—we may be able to help. A list of past and present
executive committee members can be found on the IASPM-US website (
http://iaspm-us.net/Officers/ http://iaspm-us.net/about-iaspm-us/officers/ )

To apply for one of the positions on the Executive Committee please submit
the following materials to Eweisbard@ua.edu by November 10, 2016:

(1) Statement of Interest: a 500-word biography detailing your interest and
experience with IASPM-US. Indicate specifically what you hope to bring to
the organization, and how your experiences in the field of popular music
studies will shape your leadership position on the executive committee.

(2) Curriculum Vitae

Attachments should be sent as separate files, using the following format
(lastname_IASPM_Statement.doc, or lastname_IASPM_CV.doc). Please e-mail
questions to the IASPM-US 2017 Election Committee via Eweisbard@ua.edu

We look forward to reading your applications!

*IASPM-US 2017 Election Committee*

Eric Weisbard, Committee Chair
Associate Professor
University of Alabama
American Studies

Robert Fink
Department of Musicology

Anthony Kwame Harrison
Associate Professor
Virginia Tech

Heather MacLachlan
Associate Professor
University of Dayton

Tiffany Naiman
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Musicology

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