Discounted packages on coaching for Social Justice topics

Just added: a new coaching package for writing projects that focus on Social-Justice movements. Normally I offer 5 (60 minute) phone or Skype sessions for $300, or 10 (60 minute) sessions for $600. For a limited time only, I will offer these same packages for deeply discounted rates, in order to encourage more writing and scholarship in desperately-needed areas.

The discount: 5 (60 minute) phone or Skype sessions for $225. Packages must be booked by April 16 to receive discount, but sessions can extend for whatever time is necessary beyond that date.

I am especially interested in supporting projects in any of the following topic areas, broadly defined: pro-immigrant policies / amnesty movements; Black Lives Matter; resistance movements; LGBTQI movements / identities / politics; Native / Indigenous peoples; Latinx lives, history, and culture; Intersectional identities; Disability rights (oh, there’s so much here); and Feminisms and womyn’s history. I’m sure I’ve forgotten important topics. Don’t see your project defined here? Let’s talk. Help me broaden my definition.

About this service: Coaching is not editing. This services is intended to help you jump start a project. As a writing coach, I can help you break larger projects down into manageable tasks; set and reach short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals; begin projects and bring them to fruition; and think about where to publish and how to get there. Some clients might be interested in long-form writing–such as books or dissertations. Others might work on short-form writing–such as blogs or essays / articles. Coaching can help with both short-form and long-form projects. For most clients this service works best as a real-time discussion, either by phone or by Skype. If a different format is more accessible for you, please let me know.

Please note: because I have my own social justice project to finish, I have limited client slots available. I’ll make room for as many new clients as possible. LET’S WRITE. Let our pens be our swords.

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